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Dataset Type
Parks Course Revenue Report Metro Parks
Amount of revenue by course.
Not Yet Public
Unscheduled General Fund Overtime Hours Performance Improvement
Number of hours of overtime paid for by general fund dollars.
Not Yet Public
Hours not Worked Performance Improvement
Total # of hrs per month employees were not at work performing normal job functions (excludes vacations & holidays).
Not Yet Public
Hours Lost Due to Work Related Illness or Injury Performance Improvement
The number of work hours lost due to work related illness or injury.
Not Yet Public
Active New Clients Economic Development
The number of new clients who work with the chamber of commerce to locate or expand in Louisville.
Not Yet Public
Number of High Priority Bridges Public Works & Assets
Number of High Priority Bridges.
Not Yet Public
Parks Point of Sale Item Listing Report Metro Parks
Parks Point of Sale Item Listing Report for JMF Gift Shop.
Not Yet Public
Mileage of bike facilities Public Works & Assets
Mileage of bike facilities (bike lanes and shared lanes) within a 3 mile radius of the Central Business District.
Not Yet Public
Federal and State Funding Sources Internal Audit
Listing of all federal and state funding sources, the agencies receiving the funds and the programs or activities being funded.Schedule of Expenditures and Federal Awards (SEFA) may be available on OMB’s website.
Not Yet Public
Donation Bin Location License Codes & Regulations
Donation Bin Location License data.
Not Yet Public
Plan Certain Areas Develop Louisville
Plan Certain Areas are areas of rezoning where the Planning Commission or legislative body may designate, at the time of approval, elements and restrictions of the approved plan that are an integral part of the development plan and binding them to the use and development of the subject property
Unscheduled General Fund Overtime Expenditures Performance Improvement
Dollar amount of unscheduled overtime paid for by general fund dollars.
Not Yet Public
Zoning Overlay Districts Develop Louisville
Zoning Overlay Districts contain areas that have increased development guidelines.