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Crime Data Metro Police
 Crime data is provided for Louisville Metro Police Divisions only; crime data does not include smaller class cities.
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Property Maintenance Data Codes & Regulations
Shows currently open cases in Louisville with information such as case type, location, date opened.*** Effective 6/18/2015 - this dataset has been deprecated. The is the replacement.  This dataset will be removed 7/15/2015.
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Property Management Case Inspections Codes & Regulations
Property Management Case Inspections
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Construction Permit Data Codes & Regulations
Shows all construction permit data from 2003 - June, 2015This dataset has been deprecated. You can find updated information in the following data sets:All permit data: permit data:
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Construction Review - Active Permits Develop Louisville
All permits issued by Develop Louisville department.*** Effective 6/18/2015 - The structure of this data set has been improved to include Latitude and Longitude data. ***
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ABC License Data and other location based licenses. Codes & Regulations
Listing of all active ABC licenses including the name of the establishment, type of license, location and more.Homeless ShelterPawn BrokerOutdoor Advertising
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Properties Owned by Metro Government LOJIC
All Metro Government-owned and controlled property.    
Louisville Metro Police Department Police Districts Metro Police
Police District boundaries for Louisville Metro.
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ZIP Codes MetroSafe
ZIP Code Areas within Louisville Metro. 
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Emergency Warning Sirens Emergency Management
Locations of Emergency warning sirens in Louisville.
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Urban Neighborhoods Public Works & Assets
Urban Neighborhood Boundaries within Louisville Metro. Boundaries as defined in late 70s as part of a Federal grant and are still used today.  
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Bike Route Data Bike Louisville
Quickly map bike routes in and around Louisville.
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Metro Council Districts Metro Council
Louisville Metro Council Districts
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Warning Siren Areas Emergency Management
Warning Siren Coverage Areas within Louisville Metro.
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Suburban Fire Districts MetroSafe
Fire District boundaries for Louisville Metro Suburban areas.
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