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HR Requisition Log Human Resources
A database listing all job requisitions for Metro Government positions handled by the Human Resources Recruitment Division, including current status.
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Property Maintenance Open Cases Codes & Regulations
The number of property maintenance cases that remain open at the end of each month.*** Effective 6/18/2015 - this dataset has been deprecated. The is the replacement.  This dataset will be removed 7/15/2015.
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PDS Case History Planning and Design
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Boarding and Cleaning Requests Received Codes & Regulations
The total number of request received for the boarding, cleaning and cutting of vacant and abandoned properties
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Park Locations and Amenities Metro Parks
Listing of all parks with address, contact information and amenities available at each location.
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Metro Parks Program Registration List Metro Parks
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Fire Incidents Louisville Fire
Fire Incidents
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Fire Department Fuel Usage Louisville Fire
Gallons of fuel used each month.
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APCD Industrial Construction Permits Air Pollution Control
APCD Industrial Construction Permits
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APCD Industrial Operating Permits Air Pollution Control
APCD Industrial Operating Permits
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Licenses Issued Animal Services
The number of licenses issued by Metro Animal Services each month
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LIHEAP Report Range for Clients Scheduled Community Services
Daily Schedule Report that you can run for a period of time based on Start/End date - from LIHEAP Appointment Database. Provides the ability to schedule appointments for general public clients to meet with LIHEAP staff.  Provides reports, employee performance metrics, manages appointment time-slots per location. 
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APCD Gasoline Dispensing Operating Permits Air Pollution Control
APCD Gasoline Dispensing Operating Permits
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Average Hospital Turnaround Time EMS
The time from arrival of an EMS unit at a hospital to its departure time
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Noise Citation Management Codes & Regulations
Noise Citation Management
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