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Kentucky Sex Offender Registry Metro Police
KY Online Offender Lookup (KOOL)
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LouieStat Performance Improvement
The citizens of Louisville deserve the best city government in the country and the Fischer Administration is committed to creating it.  The Office of Performance Improvement (OPI), established in January 2012, is helping the Mayor pursue this goal by asking 3 fundamental questions:What are the key services Metro Government performs? How well are we performing?How can we perform better?LouieStat, one of the core programs administered by OPI, uses data to help Metro Government departments answer each one of these questions. Short for Louisville Statistics, LouieStat brings individual Metro departments before the Mayor and his senior leadership team every six to eight weeks to identify, through consistent metrics tracking and data analysis, what the department (and Metro Government) can do to continually improve the services it delivers to the citizens of Louisville. The identification, tracking and analysis of the most important metrics for each department, called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for short, helps Louisville Metro Government: Spot areas of weakness, where we are not delivering the best services or results possible Make data-driven decisions regarding where and how to best allocate resources Evaluate the true impact and effectiveness of the work being done across Metro Government LouieStat has already made progress in helping save taxpayer dollars.In the first phase nine departments will be integrated into LouieStat — Parks, Public Works and Assets, Corrections, Fire, Animal Services, Codes and Regulations, Public Health and Wellness, Economic Growth & Innovation and EMS.
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Kentucky Uniform Offense Report Metro Police
The UCR Program collects statistics on violent crime (murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and property crime (burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft). By congressional mandate, arson was added as the eighth Part I offense in 1979. Arson statistics are not available for access on this site. By using the table-building tool, users can specify offenses, locality (city, county, state), and year(s).
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Upcoming Foreclosure Sales Develop Louisville
Upcoming foreclosed home sales.
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Downtown Public Parking Parking Authority (PARC)
This contains public parking facilites in downtown Louisville that are owned and managed by the Parking Authoring of River City (PARC), Riverside Parking, System Parking and many others. Last updated in 2008.
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Cold Case/Robbery (ASAP) Metro Police
Website designed by Louisville, Kentucky Metro Police Robbery Detectives to help solve business holdups in the Louisville area through community involvement. Using ASAP, one can view surveillance photos and/or video of an armed robbery in-progress and contact the lead investigator working the case with any pertinent information that may help in solving the crime.
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HRC Contract Compliance - Certified Vendors Human Relations
Per ordinance, this is the review of a business to ensure it is actually owned, controlled, and operated by the applicant(s). Specifically, this process verifies that a business is MFHBE (Minority, Female, Handicapped Business Enterprise) meaning that at least 51% of it is owned, controlled, and operated by Minority, Female or Handicapped individual(s). 
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Zoning/ Land Use Application Planning and Design
The work-type includes zoning changes, area-wide zoning changes, street closures and Conditional Use Permits.  
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AirNow Air Pollution Control
Air quality forecasts and raw air monitoring data (not quality-assured) for ozone and particulates. User can see current and historical air quality maps for the nation or a state or city in the US, Canada, parts of Mexico, and a few other places. Main Site -
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AirData Air Pollution Control
Past air quality monitoring results (quality assured data)The user can select by year and geographical area to see summaries and visualizations, or download national data sets.
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Traffic Collisions in Kentucky Annual Reports Metro Police
This external link displays all the annual reports for traffic collisons in the Commonwealth of Kentucky
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Street centerline MetroSafe
Street centerlines in Jefferson County
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Air Emission Sources Air Pollution Control
Emissions inventories: emissions reported by regulated facilities and modeled emissions from vehicles, smaller sources, wildfires, etc. Can see simple visualizations for the country or a selected state or county.
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Site Plan Application Planning and Design
This work-type includes district development plan reviews, landscaping plans, Board of Zoning Adjustment variance cases, Land Development Code waivers and Cell tower reviews.
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Planning and Design Administrative Application Planning and Design
This work-type includes appeals of administrative interpretations, zoning certifications, non-conforming use reviews, temporary activity permits and modifications to approved binding elements.
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