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Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Information Economic Development
Data could include taxes generated from TIF districts. List of TIF agreements involving Metro Government currently available on department’s web site.    
Not Yet Public
Economic Impact and Corridor Studies and Neighborhood Plans Economic Development
Database of all Economic Impact Studies, Corridor Studies and Neighborhood Plans conducted by EG&I.  Many of these documents include assorted unique data. 
Not Yet Public
Development Agreements Economic Development
List of current development agreements involving Metro Government, with links to the documents.  Metro Government leases and grant agreements also available.  Currently posted on department’s web site.
Not Yet Public
Public Art Database Economic Development
Inventory of the public art collection owned by Metro Government.  The database is managed by the Commission on Public Art and is updated regularly.
Not Yet Public
METCO Loans Economic Development
Data available on the number of loans closed, the dollar amounts of those loans, the number of jobs created by businesses receiving the loans, and the amount of investment dollars resulting from loan projects.  The data is managed by Kurt Hummel and can be updated quarterly.    
Not Yet Public
Net promoter score Economic Development
The net score of survey responses sent to clients which asked whether or not clients would refer associates to Economic Growth and Innovation for services.
Environmental Database (ESRI) Economic Development
Database of various types of environmental sites in Jefferson County.  Includes location of sites and assorted environmental information.  Data is aggregated from several sources, including the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection and Metro APCD. 
Not Yet Public
Incentives to Start or Expand a Business Economic Development 
Not Yet Public
Available Commercial Property Maps Economic Development
Available Commercial Property Maps
Not Yet Public
Vision Louisville Public Input Economic Development
Vision Louisville Public Input
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Capital Projects Economic Development
List of information about current EG&I capital projects.  Includes the name of the project, amount of appropriation, amount of balance, status of project, estimated completion date and department representative in charge of project.  Currently updated monthly in Excel spreadsheet, converted to pdf format and posted on department’s web site. 
Not Yet Public
Number of jobs created from METCO loans Economic Development
The number of jobs planned to be created due to loans closed by the METCO Board.
Not Yet Public
Annual Salary for New Jobs Economic Development
The average annual salary for new jobs created by the chamber of commerce (GLI).
Not Yet Public
Jobs Created Economic Development
Sum of the number of jobs created through partnerships with GLI and businesses who are looking to relocate to Louisville or expand current operations in Louisville.
Not Yet Public
Trees Plants Economic Development
Number (#) of trees planted in Metro Louisville for specific timeframe.
Not Yet Public