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Fire Response Louisville Fire
Fire Response
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Fire Incidents Louisville Fire
Fire Incidents
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Fire Department Fuel Usage Louisville Fire
Gallons of fuel used each month.
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Civilian Fire Injuries Louisville Fire
Civilian Fire Injuries
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Fire Building/Business Inspections Louisville Fire
Fire Building/Business Inspections
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Fire Home Inspection Louisville Fire
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Urban Fire Districts Louisville Fire
Urban Fire Districts within Louisville Metro.
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Fire Property Damage Louisville Fire
Fire Property Damage
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Arson Data-Case Clearance Rate Louisville Fire
Canceled, information is included in already published dataset.
Number of Arson Incidents Louisville Fire
Canceled, information is included in already published dataset.
Chevin RoadBase data Louisville Fire
Number (#) of Fire Department equipment repairs performed each month.
Code Enforcement Inspection Data Louisville Fire
The Suppression Company Inspection program requires a minimum of 20 hours per month building inspection fieldwork by each company on each platoon. Realizing that during certain months, companies may not be able to complete this monthly requirement due to other factors, each company must complete a minimum of 60 hours of building inspection field work per quarter.
Not Yet Public
Company Inspection Data-Target Hazard Surveys Louisville Fire
Target Hazard Surveys – inspection and detailed documentation of properties that are of special concern due to the potential for a large loss of life and/or property.
Not Yet Public
Arson Bureau Conviction Rate Louisville Fire
The number of fire arson cases with a conviction that closed after court disposition.
Not Yet Public
Live Mobile Update Manager-Fire Louisville Fire
Data from Fire's DECCAN database.
Not Yet Public