Metro Police

LMPD Employee Characteristics

LMPD employee characteristic data including Race, Gender, Current Age, Date Hired, Education Level, Job Title and Assigned Division.

LMPD Hate Crime

Data is subset of the Incident data provided by the open data portal. This data specifically identifies crimes that meet the elements outlined under the FBI Hate crimes program. For more information on the FBI hate crime overview please visit

Uniform Citation Data

 A list of all uniform citations from the Louisville Metro Police Department, including case number, date, location, divison beat, demographics, statutes and charges, and UCR codes. 

Assaulted Officers

Incidents of Officers assaulted by individuals since 2010 

UCR Part 1 Violent Crime

Canceled due to being included in the UCR Part 1 Crime dataset.

UCR Part 1 Property Crime

Canceled due to being included in the UCR Part 1 Crime dataset.

Crime Data

 Crime data is provided for Louisville Metro Police Divisions only; crime data does not include smaller class cities.

Kentucky Uniform Offense Report

The UCR Program collects statistics on violent crime (murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault) and property crime (burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft). By congressional mandate, arson was added as the eighth Part I offense in 1979. Arson statistics are not available for access on this site. By using the table-building tool, users can specify offenses, locality (city, county, state), and year(s).

Cold Case/Robbery (ASAP)

Website designed by Louisville, Kentucky Metro Police Robbery Detectives to help solve business holdups in the Louisville area through community involvement. Using ASAP, one can view surveillance photos and/or video of an armed robbery in-progress and contact the lead investigator working the case with any pertinent information that may help in solving the crime.

Traffic Collisions in Kentucky Annual Reports

This external link displays all the annual reports for traffic collisons in the Commonwealth of Kentucky