Animal Services Outcomes Data


Louisville Metro Animal Services is committed to increasing openness and transparency of government. This raw data from our operations database includes historical information about the outcomes of animals who are no longer included in the inventory.

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Animal Services
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2011 - Present
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Animal Services Outcomes Data

Animal Services Outcomes Data


Animal ID Type Intake Date Intake Type Zip Where Found Name Sex Size Primary Color Breed Estimated Age Outcome Date Outcome Type Outcome Subtype Zip Where Placed
A000049 DOG 08/04/2012 Owner Surrender 40211 STELLA SPAYED FEMALE MED TAN COLLIE ROUGH - POMERANIAN Older than 7 years 08/17/2012 Transferred to Rescue Group 46410
A000138 DOG 08/20/2014 Owner Surrender 40213 DAKOTA MALE MED BLACK Older than 7 years 08/20/2014 Euthanized Requested
A000179 DOG 07/29/2011 Owner Surrender 40118 DEE DEE SPAYED FEMALE LARGE BROWN COLLIE SMOOTH - MIX Older than 7 years 07/29/2011 Euthanized Requested
A000380 DOG 04/26/2013 Owner Surrender 40026 DOOGIE NEUTERED MALE MED WHITE GERM SHEPHERD - MIX Older than 7 years 09/27/2013 Transferred to Rescue Group Rescue Group 60008
A000380 DOG 03/07/2013 Owner Surrender 40214 DOOGIE NEUTERED MALE MED WHITE GERM SHEPHERD - MIX Older than 7 years 04/13/2013 Adopted Web PF 40026
A001010 DOG 02/04/2011 Stray 40214 KATIE SPAYED FEMALE LARGE CHOCOLATE Older than 1 year 02/12/2011 Returned to Owner 40215
A001151 DOG 02/07/2011 Stray 40118 CHANCE NEUTERED MALE MED BROWN LABRADOR RETR - MIX Older than 1 year 02/07/2011 Returned to Owner In field 40118
A001638 DOG 12/07/2013 Disposal Request by Public 40212 SJOY FEMALE MED BLACK BEAGLE - MIX Older than 7 years 12/07/2013 Disposal
A001855 DOG 03/17/2014 Owner Surrender 40299 TIGER MALE LARGE BROWN Older than 7 years 03/17/2014 Euthanized Requested
A002054 DOG 10/15/2011 Owner Surrender 40272 KILO NEUTERED MALE MED WHITE Older than 7 years 10/24/2011 Returned to Owner 40272
A002110 DOG 07/29/2011 Owner Surrender 40210 JOEY SPAYED FEMALE SMALL BLACK Older than 7 years 07/29/2011 Euthanized Requested
A002492 DOG 08/23/2013 Owner Surrender 40216 PEANUT NEUTERED MALE SMALL RED Older than 7 years 08/23/2013 Euthanized Requested 40216
A002536 DOG 02/26/2015 Disposal Request by Public 40299 GABBY SPAYED FEMALE MED BLACK AIREDALE TERR - MIX Older than 7 years 02/26/2015 Disposal
A003011 DOG 01/20/2012 impound 40215 ACE NEUTERED MALE MED BLACK LABRADOR RETR - MIX Older than 7 years 02/01/2013 Returned to Owner 40291
A003013 DOG 05/13/2012 Owner Surrender 40258 ALLEY SPAYED FEMALE MED FAWN Older than 7 years 05/13/2012 Euthanized Medical
A003142 DOG 04/17/2012 Stray 40220 TYSON NEUTERED MALE MED BR BRINDLE Older than 7 years 04/18/2012 Returned to Owner
A003732 DOG 12/01/2014 Owner Surrender 40204 ANSEL NEUTERED MALE MED BLACK ENG SPRNGR SPAN - MIX Older than 7 years 12/01/2014 Euthanized Requested
A003758 DOG 06/14/2011 Owner Surrender 40291 RALPHIE NEUTERED MALE MED BROWN BEAGLE - MIX Older than 7 years 06/14/2011 Euthanized Medical
A003880 DOG 03/12/2012 Owner Surrender 40213 AMBER SPAYED FEMALE MED TRICOLOR Older than 7 years 03/12/2012 Euthanized Requested
A004202 DOG 06/25/2013 impound 40215 SADIE SPAYED FEMALE LARGE WHITE GREAT PYRENEES - MIX Older than 7 years 07/03/2013 Euthanized Medical 40229
A004866 DOG 01/25/2011 Owner Surrender 40216 JIMBO MALE MED BLACK BEAGLE - MIX Older than 7 years 01/25/2011 Euthanized
A005117 DOG 06/10/2014 Stray 40109 SMOKEY SPAYED FEMALE MED BLACK BORDER COLLIE - MIX Older than 7 years 06/12/2014 Returned to Owner 40214
A006046 DOG 07/15/2013 Owner Surrender 40216 BLITZEN SPAYED FEMALE MED TAN GERM SHEPHERD - PURE BRED Older than 7 years 07/15/2013 Euthanized Requested
A006322 DOG 06/03/2011 Owner Surrender 40204 KING NEUTERED MALE MED TAN COLLIE SMOOTH - PURE BRED Older than 7 years 06/03/2011 Euthanized Requested
A007666 CAT 11/26/2011 Owner Surrender 40214 K C NEUTERED MALE MED BLACK Older than 7 years 11/26/2011 Euthanized Requested