Problem Comments

19CUP1061 Will a Minor Subdivision Plat or Deed of consolidation be obtained? Transfer 04/10/2019 JCRUMBIE
19CUP1061 Will a landscape waiver be needed along the south and west property lines? Transfer 04/10/2019 JCRUMBIE
19CUP1061 8.3.3 B.2. No freestanding sign shall be located in or project over or into the right-of-way or into any adjoining property. It appears that the new sign is over the property line.Also binding Element No. 3 - The only permitted freestanding sign shall be the existing sign as shown on the approved detailed district development plan. You should place the sign on the revised plan portion since the off-street parking is not the use, but accessory use. Transfer 04/11/2019 JCRUMBIE
19CUP1061 Tyler Lane is a local Road that allows 40 square feet and 6 feet tall. I remember when we talked about a month ago about the sign shape being curved. Does that measurement take into account the curve? Transfer 04/11/2019 JCRUMBIE
19CUP1061 Binding Element No. 16 - At no time shall Assumption High School enroll more than 975 students. Transfer 04/11/2019 JCRUMBIE