Problem Comments

16ZONE1002 The proposed zoning change may affect an identified cultural site. Landmarks staff will consult with the Staff Archaeologist at the Kentucky Heritage Council to verify the impact on the sites. The applicant may be required to hire a consultant to document this site. Cornerstone 20/20 emphasizes the protection of Jefferson County's cultural and historic resources. JF-248 at 15108 Old Taylorsville Road is an identified historic resource. 2/26/15-The proposed zoning change will affect an identified cultural site (15JF284). Preservation staff have consulted with the staff archeologist at the Kentucky Heritage Council (State Historic Preservation Office) concerning this site. Staff requests that the applicant to hire a qualified professional archaeologist to survey the project area and make recommendations regarding the need for any additional investigations before the project proceeds (prior to ground disturbance). A copy of the report shall be submitted to Planning and Design Services and the Kentucky Heritage Council.