Problem Comments

16ZONE1002 add SUB # 1230
16ZONE1002 Submit a downstream capacity facility request prior to preliminary plan approval. Submit a completed preliminary plan application to prior to preliminary plan approval.
16ZONE1002 add note: The final design of this project must meet all MS4 water quality regulations established by MSD. Site layout may change at the design phase due to proper sizing of Green Best Mgmt. Practices.
16ZONE1002 Note: all retail shops must have individual connections per MSD’s fats, oil and grease policy.
16ZONE1002 revise plan to a clear scale to allow the same level of detail to be show for normal subdivisions.
16ZONE1002 add note: Approval from MSD sanitary sewer department prior to construction plan approval.
16ZONE1002 Replace existing detention note with the following note: Onsite detention will be provided. Postdeveloped peak flows and velocities will be limited to predeveloped peak flows and velocities for the 2, 10, 25 and 100-year storms or to the capacity of the downstream system, whichever is more restrictive at the property line for all outlets on this site.
16ZONE1002 Revise the plan to conceptually show how you plan to match peaks and velocities at the property line of all outlets for this development.
16ZONE1002 show detention basin calculations including approximate surface area, depth, volume required, volume provided, water shed area for each basin and include a water shed area line for each basin.
16ZONE1002 Show a flow line for all systems all the way to the property line including flow arrows. Do not count 7.5 off of the center line of the flow lines as tree protection area.
16ZONE1002 add note: KYTC approval required prior to MSD construction plan approval.
16ZONE1002 show conceptual alignments for pump station outlets.
16ZONE1002 Revise plan to ensure that all lots have sanitary sewer service available and all lines are connected all the way to the outlet ie.... pumpstation.