Problem Comments

16ZONE1002 Traffic study required by KYTC
16ZONE1002 Hard to see the proposed sidewalk along Taylorsville Lake Road.
16ZONE1002 Scale of drawing makes it difficult to see dimensions. Needs to be at a scale that text can be read. Suggest breaking it up to multiple sheets at a larger scale
16ZONE1002 Left turns may be warranted based on Traffic Study.
16ZONE1002 List the owners of the parcel south of the existing lake and label not a part of this development
16ZONE1002 There is a triangular parcel shown along Taylorsville Lake Road, please identify.
16ZONE1002 Show the lane striping on all existing roads and label the width of the lanes
16ZONE1002 Label the pavement width of all existing roads
16ZONE1002 Dimension all entrances
16ZONE1002 Possible 3rd entrance required that will line up with the Routt Road intersection.
16ZONE1002 No back up parking allowed on Court R
16ZONE1002 Need to put splitter islands at round about.
16ZONE1002 Make sure all streets & cul-de-sacs have street names
16ZONE1002 Check the length of the cul-de-sac that abuts Julia Lawrence at 3821 Yellow Brick Road
16ZONE1002 Show the exiting right of way on Old Taylorsville Road
16ZONE1002 Label the width of Old Taylorsville Road
16ZONE1002 Dimension the distance from the centerline of Old Taylorsville Road to the right of way
16ZONE1002 Show & label Eastwood-Fisherville Road
16ZONE1002 Need a turn around or hammerhead behind lot 834
16ZONE1002 Court O needs to show sidewalks